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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sugaring paste made of?

How do I prepare for my sugaring appointment?

Sugar, citric acid (usually lemon juice), and water. No mystery ingredients. It's cooked like candy and completely edible. I use organic, fair trade sugaring paste made by Tamara's in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm all smooth. Now what?

Aftercare is important to prevent ingrowns!

24 hours after your appointment, keep the area clean, cool, and free of friction (no sex!) or pore clogging products. Avoid hot tubs, tanning, and sweating. Loose clothing is a plus!

After 24 hours, gently exfoliate every other day with the free glove I provide. Wash the glove once a week in the washing machine to kill off bacteria. Moisturize every day with a fragrance free body lotion. If more moisture or exfoliation is needed, I have retail products that typically help.

Continue exfoliating and moisturizing even after all of the hair has grown back in.

  • Hair must be at least 1/4" long - about the length of a grain of rice. Usually two weeks of growth after shaving is perfect for a thorough service.

  • Exfoliate the day before.

  • An ibuprofen or two about an hour before the appointment will help those who are sensitive. If you are near or on your menstrual cycle, you  may be more sensitive than usual.

  • Avoid caffeine.

  • Drink plenty of water before your appointment to reduce pain and keep skin hydrated.

How often should I sugar?

A maintenance schedule of 4-6 weeks is ideal. This results in finer, sparser hair, and a quicker, less painful service. Over time, with regular sugaring, most people will experience permanent reduction in hair density.

I have a big event tomorrow. Should I get sugared?

If you're new to sugaring and have a big event coming up, you should either start your sugaring appointments two months prior, or wait until after the event, to avoid any rare histamine reactions. Please get in touch if you have questions!

I am trans and would like a brazilian. Which should I book?

I need a little more time with male anatomy and hormones than female anatomy and hormones. If you are a pre-op trans man, you can book a female anatomy brazilian, but if hormones have greatly increased your hair growth, a male anatomy brazilian might be a better choice. The converse is true for a pre-op trans woman. Non-binary folks or those with ambiguous genitalia are encouraged to book whichever brazilian is most fitting. If in doubt, book the male anatomy brazilian. I will only charge you for the service I complete, and I would prefer to have too much time for a service than not enough!

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